Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Choices

The moment you place that wedding band on the finger of your significant other, you are actually following a tradition that dates back thousands of years ago. Grooms and brides in many Western cultures traditionally place the wedding band on the left hand’s ring finger. This is because of the belief that this finger has a vein, which is linked to the heart. And even though medical science already corrected this age-old belief, the tradition remains to this day.

Due to this tradition, the process of looking for engagement rings and wedding bands is an important aspect of any wedding planning process. Though it can be quite tricky to choose an engagement ring, a lot of people fail to realize that shopping for wedding bands can also be equally challenging.

Many couples in the past opted for a matching set of wedding bands, one for the bride and one for the groom. The set is the expression that two persons have become one, a proof that they don’t only share the same tastes but that they also belong together at the same time.

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However, some couples follow a more non-traditional route. They choose different wedding bands instead. This allows the couple to express their unique style and individuality.

No matter what route you follow, traditional or not, knowing your different choices when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands is important to make the shopping process easier and hassle-free.

Common Styles of Engagement Rings

There are endless possibilities when it comes to engagement rings. This means that you can always find a style out there that will suit every kind of bride, from the super classic brides to the most modern ones.

However, with all the different options available out there, figuring out the appearance of your ideal engagement ring is a must. This is especially when you want to convey your love for your partner and make other people see this love as well.

Here is a quick overview of the most common styles of engagement rings you can find today:

  1. Classic Engagement Rings

The classic engagement rings are usually simple featuring a thin band and a single dominant stone at the center. Although halo engagement rings known for their hallmark of tiny pavé diamonds surrounding the center gemstone, have long been the trend for the past decade or so, these rings still exude a touch of elegance that serves as the epitome of classic style engagement rings.

  1. Vintage Engagement Rings

Engagement rings of vintage style are rather intricate, and their details reflect the particular era that inspired the ring. For example, jewelry from art nouveau period may feature curved and organic forms that took inspiration from the natural world. On the other hand, rings reminiscent of the glamorous art deco period tend to be more angular and geometric.

  1. Modern Engagement Rings

There are different sizes and shapes of modern engagement rings. Bezel settings, cable bands, split shanks, and interesting hints of color are very common. However, sleek and minimalist aesthetic and clean lines are a must.

  1. Glamorous Engagement Rings

These glamorous engagement rings are intricate, detailed, and usually notably large. When you speak of large, this not only refers to the center stone but the whole ring itself, from the shank or band to the halo, side stones, and everything else.

  1. Unique Engagement Rings

The unique engagement rings usually incorporate several metals, intricate details on the band, and less common shapes of the diamond. If you wish to go for this particular ring style, you might want to opt for a version with no more than a couple of conventional features. A ring with numerous contrasting details might be a bit hard to match with a specific wedding band.

Wedding Band Choices for Her

Although finding the right engagement ring is important, it is also a must that you choose the right wedding band. The band can be a statement piece by itself, or it can highlight the existing sparkler you have, depending on your personal preferences. Here are the most popular styles of wedding band choices for women:

  • Metal Band

The classic metal band without gemstones is often made from platinum, 14k, 18k white, rose, or yellow gold. The another metals include titanium and stainless steel. Platinum is the most famous in this particular style. Platinum also develops a spectacular patina with age. It can be polished away to the original sparkle without rubbing down the metal.

  • Eternity Band

This definite kind of wedding band is categorized by diamonds of the same size going round the whole ring as the representation of eternity. Two most common kinds of eternity bands are channel setting and shared prong setting. In a shared prong set band, two stones sitting next to one another share one prong. There are prongs on the side that form a U shape. The diamond is showcased from the sides and the top, giving the style lots of sparkles. Diamonds lay beside each other inside a metal channel making up the ring’s side in channel set eternity wedding band.


  • Pavé Band

This is an encrusted wedding band where diamonds have been set into the metal, and this can be in any particular pattern.

  • Anniversary Band

This is comparable to the eternity band. Yet the diamonds here go around the ring halfway.

Wedding Band Choices for Him

Wedding band choices for men also come in different styles:

  • Plain Band

Many men prefer the timeless band style. This is often a plain precious metal band in 18k yellow or white gold, palladium, or platinum. The groom usually chooses the same precious metal for this band as that of his bride.

  • Unique Band

Some men want to add personal touch to their wedding band for a more detailed or contemporary look. They prefer a hammered or brushed finish instead of high polish metal, a wedding band with gemstone accent, or something with a special detail such as micro-beading or milgrain, a masculine braid, as well as other symbols.

  • Wide Band

Wedding bands for men are available in various widths. The narrower ones are perfect if you want something more subtle, but if you wish to let the whole world see your love, a wider band creates a more noticeable look. Just remember that these bands may be pricier as they need bigger quantity of precious metal. However, you can still balance price and size by opting for a metal that suits your budget.

  • Diamond Band

A flash of sparkle or color, like an extremely thin row of sapphires and diamonds, might be the perfect subtle element for men who wish to set themselves apart from the rest. Sapphires and diamonds are known for being the most durable gemstones that make them ideal for active men.

Hopefully this guide assisted you in selecting the best engagement ring and best wedding ring for you and your significant other based on style, taste, or lifestyle.

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