Covid 19 & Long Distance Dating

COVID-19 has not only affected the most important areas of health and economy, but it has also completely changed the way we relate to each other. We do not have to be young to want to hang out with others, but how difficult it is to do it in a situation that has forced us to stay at home and fulfill a mandatory quarantine. However, technology comes once again to save us, and it is now entirely possible to have long-distance dating.

Many couples used to constantly see each other, go out to eat, watch movies, or just having fun. But, under the conditions of the pandemic, it is almost impossible to maintain the same habits. Now, they see each other frequently, for less time, and do not carry out the same activities since they must comply with preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus, such as social distancing. This has caused many long-distance relationships that were previously free now to become forced.

Do state bans slow down romance?

This question has generated various discussions and opinions. While some see isolation as something negative, others take advantage of their time at home to develop innovative ways to keep in touch with others.

In relation to this, several experts explain that the human being has a tendency to react to the rules, whatever their cause and regardless of their origin. Whether imposed by parents or the government, the answer will always be derived from our refusal to be controlled. This is the main reason why many young people have been affected by the virus's spread prevention measures since they see their freedom in danger.

But there is also the other side. Many of the people are taking the time they don't take up working to have virtual dates. Just as you read! It is completely possible to share with other people without having to leave home and, for this, you only need a mobile device and an Internet connection.

The different ways of doing it include video calls or video conferences, exchange of photos or voice notes, and group chats in the case of virtual meetings with more than one person.

The options are also very varied, there are those who bet on traditional romanticism and prepare individual dinners that they then unite through the screen. Others decide to watch the same movie at the same time and then comment on it, and there are also some people who share songs and listen to them online.

Communication is vital for virtual dating.

It is no secret to anyone that physical contact and face-to-face meetings are necessary and bring great benefits to relationships. However, it is entirely possible to have fruitful long-distance dating, and communication is essential in this regard.

This generation is used to new technologies and the use of electronic devices to communicate, but we have to go a little further. A virtual date should not only consist of a message written via WhatsApp, for example; it needs more attention, empathy, and commitment.

There are many creative ways to connect with each other. Luckily, there are videos, voicemails, handwritten letters, photos, and more. Social networks are also an excellent option, romantic posts are never lacking, and, besides, these platforms are a good way to show affection towards others. And this is only a small part of what can be done! The most imaginative people take dating to the highest level, share glasses of wine, watch TV shows together, or host virtual parties.

Dating for the first time.

There is already a part of the population used to online dating. Many technology companies have developed dating apps in which people from anywhere in the world can get friends or even a partner. Since the WHO decreed COVID-19 as a pandemic and governments announced that quarantine should be taken as a mandatory preventive measure, traffic in all these apps grew considerably. People use them more often, and they also admit to having deeper conversations since they started staying home.

Whatever you are and love whom you love, far from considering social distancing as an obstacle, dating applications see confinement as an opportunity for everyone to find their "better half" virtually, and, in addition to that, there are many benefits that can be obtained from them. To mention some, we have the following:

  • Dating apps are great for losing the shyness of meeting new people.
  • You should not dress in fancy clothes or wear professional makeup (in the case of women) if you are going to have a virtual date.
  • You can connect with other people no matter where you are.
  • Having virtual dates through these platforms is fast, instantaneous, and simple. You just need to click a button to start.

Uncertainty about the duration of social distancing.

One of the challenges that long-distance dating faces is not knowing exactly how long social distancing and quarantine will last. It is easy to communicate with your partner and maintain a good relationship for a few days, but everything starts to get a little complicated when time passes and you are not sure when you will see your loved one again.

This can damage some relationships because, at some point, people can get bored of always having to use their phone to be in contact with their partner, they start to miss each other, and also generate a negative feeling concerning this complicated situation.

But, to avoid it, people recommend living day by day and enjoying the moments of the present. Thus, we will not develop anxiety about the future, and long-distance relationships can stay healthy and last longer.

As long as there is love and affection, everything is possible! Sharing a beautiful moment with a loved one or meeting a person who can become someone special in your life is possible thanks to technology. Do not miss the opportunity to expand your social circle or live unique experiences with your partner through the Internet!