Countertop Paper Towel Dispenser


A countertop paper towel dispenser is used in residential and public washrooms for easy dispensing of paper towels. It helps in economical use of paper towels and reduces the wastage considerably. It also offers an aesthetic appeal to the washroom and contributes to hygiene. You can stack the paper towels neatly and provide for one paper dispensing at a time. Besides providing for clean storage, a paper towel dispenser adds to the beauty of the space while creating a safe environment.

There are dispensers available everywhere, so how do you choose one? Do you know what are the things to look for when choosing one for your washroom? A paper towel dispenser is like any other product and you need to take some time out to choose the right.

What are the features to look for when choosing a countertop paper towel dispenser?

  1. Material and value: The paper towel dispenser must be made from high quality material, preferably durable plastic to last long. Whether you are buying it for your home or commercial use, examine the quality carefully and be sure before you make any decision. An acrylic paper towel dispenser is durable and offers full value for your money. Once invested in this kind of dispenser, you need not think of replacing it time and again.

The countertop paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations is made from high quality acrylic plastic and is long lasting. The strong and sturdy nature of this dispenser makes it worth every penny.

  1. Convenience: Determine whether the paper towel dispenser is convenient. Is it portable? Is it compact? Can it be wall mounted? Portability feature is highly appreciated, especially when you plan to renovate your bathroom or want to shift the dispenser to another bathroom. A compact, mountable dispenser is largely preferred when the space is restricted. The dispenser must not be a hindrance to other bathroom accessories or human movement.
  2. Capacity: How many paper towels can the dispenser hold? Do you need to fill it up every now and then? Consider these factors before you make the purchase. The dispenser must be large enough to hold at least 9" paper towels and provide an easy access for efficient usage. This especially is true if you are looking to buy for your office, hotel or any other place where there is more traffic.

The countertop paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations can dispose paper towels effortlessly including tri-fold, C-fold and multi-fold towels. It is well known for its practicality and large capacity.

  1. Cost: Determine whether the dispenser is worth the money. Compare similar products for features and benefits and find out if it is really worth. However cost must not be the only criteria when choosing a dispenser.
  2. Look: Bathroom is a place where you freshen up. It is therefore significant that you make it functional with all the needed products and accessories; a towel dispenser is one such product. However when choosing a dispenser, see to it that it is elegant and bright to create a soothing and vibrant environment. The dispenser must also look elegant and stylish and sync with the new age fashion.

Acrylic paper towel dispenser from Oasis Creations is trendy and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, a full refund is assured if you are not satisfied. Buy one today and experience easy paper towel dispensing!

  1. Environment Friendly: When choosing a paper towel dispenser, you need to consider some other factors as well. Try to go green by reducing waste and look for a dispenser that contributes to reduced trash. It is estimated that paper towels account for over 30-40 percent of every day wastage in public places. Why not choose one that provides for economical usage?
  2. Easy Refill: Choose a dispenser that is easy to refill. An open design is ideal as it allows for simple and quick refilling of paper towels. Whether you use the dispenser for your kitchen, bathroom or office washroom doesn't matter, an easy refill design makes your job effortless.

Oasis Creations has designed an open faced paper towel dispenser that can  hold 200-250 tissues at one go. It gives manual access and is one of the most sought after economical dispensers you can find. It is black in color and goes perfect with light/neutral colored wall paints and is portable to the core.

  1. Easy on maintenance: You cannot spend much time on maintenance of paper towel dispensers. It is therefore vital to look for one that requires least or no maintenance.

Paper towels are being increasingly used across the globe. They find maximum use in restaurants, colleges, residences, theatres, parks, commercial complexes and many more public spaces. Imagine the waste created when these towels are used everywhere on a daily basis! Don't you feel we are making a mess? Traffic cannot be controlled in public places, but you, as a responsible citizen can certainly make your contribution by at least reducing the waste created in your surroundings.

You now know what goes into choosing a paper towel dispenser. This is definitely something that needs serious consideration and certainly not to be overlooked. Do some research and give it a thought. You are highly advised to look into the factors mentioned above when choosing a dispenser for your bathroom space. Make a smart purchase  and save your hard earned money. Choose a practical and cost-effective dispenser to make it your best bathroom accessory!

However to reduce the risk further, is it not wise to opt for the one that is backed by a money back guarantee? Oasis Creations' acrylic dispenser boasts of satisfying the customers to the fullest, you are also offered a risk free purchase, so why wait any longer? Choose the black and beautiful paper towel dispenser and sanitize the space around you. Create hygienic conditions, at the same time contribute to the planet by providing for economical usage of paper towels.