Commercial Restroom Design Guide

Planning to extend, renovate, or build a commercial building and still uncertain on how to design the restroom efficiently for your guests and clients? We've got your back!

Designing a washroom facility is something that must be planned carefully in almost all public spaces and buildings. It is where people's privacy depends. Hence, you need to ensure it is welcoming, hygienic, and most importantly, gives an utmost level of privacy so users could feel very comfortable upon using it.

Statistics show that failing or overlooking to design a commercial property will have a poor impact on the company. To ensure your bathroom will meet your needs as well as the needs of those who will use it, here are some restroom guides for you to consider.

  • Number of Occupants

Determining how many people will use the bathroom helps determine the measure of pipes and floor space essential for the structure. For stores, the number of restrooms increases since there will be times when it will be very crowded. Your calculations may seem a bit different if you're only designing a bathroom for employees. Gender must be taken into consideration, too. Women tend to spend a long time in public bathrooms compared to men.

  • Design

For instance, you own a hotel. In that case, a luxurious bathroom would definitely be an ideal option. But if you own a store, make sure the bathroom always looks tidy to impress your customers, employees, and visitors. Numerous designs are also offered online by various companies, with which you should start digging into before making a final decision.

  • Fixture Durability

You want an appealing-looking bathroom that can withstand daily use. Remember that not all extravagant and expensive materials are not very durable. Moreover, you may not want to overpay for a fixture that's only going to be overlooked. You still have the option to save money by using economy-grade materials. Beware, though. You surely don't want to end up having messed up stalls, broken sink, or other bathroom issues.

  • Sanitation Requirements

A very clean restroom is paramount. It should be free of vermin. Each restroom is required to have hand-washing stations to minimize the possibility of germs and infections spreading. Running water, air dryers, soap, and hand towels must be easily available all the time. Fortunately, you have more options now than before. For instance, touches soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. Love the Oasis Creation brand!

  • Water Usage

This one is a delicate topic. It is a good idea to conserve water, especially when talking about its effect on the environment. The Conserve H20 states that federal standards mandate that each new toilet consumes 1.6 water gallons for every flush. With high-efficiency toilets increasing, there are 1.28 gallons of water or less per flush. Some commercial restrooms are now featuring waterless urinals to further conserve water.

  • Occupant Privacy

Employers or commercial building owners must ensure privacy in the bathroom. And, that's a requirement given by OSHA. Assure locks from the inside for single-toilet bathrooms, while partitions are preferred for multi-toilet facilities. You also need to consider installing hooks for purses, shopping bags, and jackets.

  • ADA Requirements

The local construction laws also cover ADA requirements. Failure to follow the rule might have considerable argumentative ramifications both for you and your business or organization. It states that a wheelchair should be able to rotate in the bathroom - requiring it to have at least sixty inches of free space inside. Moreover, handicap people should be capable to use a toilet with a space of at least thirty to forty-eight inches. They must have a grab bar as well. As for the toilet seats, it must range from 17 to 19 inches, starting from the ground. Sinks need to be at least 17 inches from the wall.

  • Local Codes

Of course, before designing a new commercial bathroom, take the time to identify the regulations and codes stated in your state. This will have a significant impact on the things you can and cannot implement in terms of design. If you failed to adhere to these codes, your building applications would be denied. Not to mention the legal issues you'll be facing in the future.

  • Initial Costs

By identifying the initial expenses of your project, you will have a better idea of how the design process should go. How much would it cost to buy the necessary materials? How about the installation and inspection fees? These and more initial costs will eventually aid you in determining the amount of funds for your new project, which can impose your final design. Lighting is another option that greatly influences your overall budget. Don't hastily go for a highly luxurious lighting option as the cost might boost up. Just a rule of thumb, choose a lighting design that can make your bathroom much more comfortable.

  • Serviceability

In case a major plumbing issue occurs, is a plumbing service easily accessible? This means the qualified repairman can be able to fix the problem as fast as possible and get the restroom up and functioning again. Though, you also want to ensure your restroom will be serviced efficiently with less disruption to your day-to-day operations. Otherwise, you could hurt your employee's productivity or lose clients.

Who should you trust for your commercial bathroom design?

Designing a bathroom for public use is not just a simple project. The amount of dollars you need to shell out is no joke. So, make sure the partner you choose to turn your commercial bathroom dream into a reality is someone reliable and trusted in the field. Choose a specialized designer wisely. He should possess an impressive and reliable industry experience.

The bathroom is full of important elements that must be thoroughly adhered to. With a little bit of creative planning, all will turn out smoothly. Do not be fazed by your new commercial restroom project anymore. Follow our guide to planning your public toilet that creates a splash for all the proper seasons!

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