Choosing the Right DJ for your Wedding

A good DJ can really make your wedding stand out and you won’t have to pay that much money for his services either. When it comes to wedding music, you always have lots of options. You can hire a band, you can have a special performer but it always pays off to save money and work with a DJ. That helps a lot and it just makes the experience a lot better in the end. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you find the right DJ for your wedding.

See what type of music you want to focus on

While you will find some generalized DJs, many of them are focused on special kinds of music. It makes a lot of sense to go with a specialized DJ as he will give you a much better value. However, this also means you will have to pay more than a regular DJ. So it all comes down to your budget and expectations. That’s why you have to pay accordingly, and it will help quite a lot.

Ask for samples

You shouldn’t hire a DJ just based on his marketing. What you really want to do is to make sure that you listen to his work. See some live performances, maybe a sample playlist, even a mixtape if you can. The more you can hear, the better the results will be most of the time. It’s a very good idea to focus on the music quality. Checking the tunes that he chose is also a good idea, as it shows the value you can get as a whole. Figuring out if the samples are good or not is extremely important, so try to consider that if possible.

Always try to ask for referrals

It’s important to talk with friends so you can see if there are any DJs they can recommend. It’s hard to figure out which ones are good for you, which is why referrals can bring a breath of fresh air. The idea is to create a list of options. You don’t want to start choosing right away. If anything, referrals will give you a good set of options and then you can study them to see what works for you and what doesn’t work at all. It’s a good idea to avoid going with someone you know as there might be a better option that you don’t know. As we mentioned earlier, creating a great list will pay off big time, so check that out and it will be worth it.

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Check their equipment

You will also see how professional the DJ really is if he invests in his equipment or not. Obviously the best DJs tend to have top of the line equipment. And that will stand out from the start. If the DJ you want to go with has rental equipment or some really old stuff, then it’s clear he is not as invested as other professionals. That’s not a problem, but it does tell you something about the way he works and his ethics.

Are you allowed to change the music library? Does he have a predefined one?

Usually the groom and his wife should be able to choose the music library beforehand. There are DJs that just come with a set of options and you can easily avoid spending lots of time choosing songs. That’s up to you, but most of the time you should be able to choose whatever option you want on your own and just go from there. It might be worth it, so consider it and you will enjoy the results quite a bit.

Get to know the DJ if possible

Meet with the DJ, talk about his experience, maybe even connect about previous experiences and what he learned, etc. See how many years of experience he has, while also seeing if you click or not with this DJ. You are starting a professional relationship, so ideally you should be comfortable with this person. if you don’t feel comfortable with him, then you should move on. No one pushes you to choose a particular person, so try to consider that and avoid any rush. At least try to focus on finding the best choice for you.

Browse wedding forums

On these forums you can find many couples that are either trying to find DJs or they want to help other couples with their wedding. This is a good place to find recommendations, and those are actually going to help you quite a lot. These forums tend to give you a good set of results. Plus, many of them even have ratings for DJs, they even split them based on the music genre too. It’s a lot easier to make the right choice this way.

Do they have any extras? Are they pushing you to buy extras?

Not all DJs have extra services or features like uplighting for example. Some of them do, others don’t, yet not everyone will push you to buy an extra package. If you feel pushed to pay more, maybe that means you’re not choosing the right person for the job. Patience is needed here, so try to consider all of that and figure out how everything works for you.

Does the venue offer a DJ?

If you find it hard to figure out what DJ will be suitable for your wedding, see if they have a DJ. Resident DJs aren’t always the best option, but that might very well be what you’re looking for. So it does make a lot of sense to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. And based on that you can get some really nice results.

We recommend you to use these tips as you try to identify the right DJ for you. Of course it will take some time and effort to do this wisely, and creating a list is the right way to go. But it will totally be worth it, so try to keep that in mind as you make your choice!

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