Children's Bedroom

What was your room like when you were a child? Yes, it was likely quite different from what your children want now.

Today, it is common to see children's bedrooms full of colors, very creative, and great designs. But what is the best option of all?

Decorating a child's room can become a very overwhelming and challenging process.

You need to make the space look great and work well. Besides, it must adapt to the tastes and imagination of your little one. But this can be a bit complicated to do in a small room.

Have you thought about that? Do not worry! We have a solution for you. If you feel stressed about the decoration, theme, and set up of your children's room, you can follow some of our tips and ideas. Find them here!

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Changing art gallery.

Do you want to help your children develop their creativity and see their room as a space to create new and wonderful things? Then this is the perfect idea for you!

You can place a bright assortment of cheerfully painted frames to turn the room into a gallery.

All you have to do is to visit a local thrift store and buy old frames. Then paint them in a unifying color and thread a picture wire to the back of the frame.

Then attach paper sheets with mini clothespins and let your little one become a baby Picasso!

Closet Bunk.

This great idea is perfect for those who need more space in their children's rooms.

So, if you want to create a small playroom or a reading space within your child's room, you can put the following advice into practice: turn the closet into a mini bunk bed.

In this way, you can free up a lot of space for your child to play or do their homework on a unique table!!

And don't worry about the closet! Children usually have few belongings and their clothes are small. Therefore, you can install a bar or some shelves to put their things under the bunk, right where they can reach them.

Heads Together.

If your children share a room, the organizing and decorating process can become even more cumbersome and complicated.

However, we have an excellent idea for you: Try placing the two single beds in an L shape to create a spacious and fully functional child bedroom.

It would be best if you put the beds in a corner, as this will free up a lot of floor space. Some people do this and add some extra cushions to create a daytime sofa image.

That is incredible! Also, it can be advantageous if you or your children don't like bunk beds.

Slate walls.

Let your children's imagination run wild! Another great idea to do this, in addition to second-hand frames, is to put up slate walls.

Slate walls have become very popular, and this is no coincidence. This trend has become very popular not only among children but among teenagers. Furthermore, it is quite affordable!

You can put decorative stars drawn by hand using semi-permanent chalk markers. And you can also write your children's names on the wall. It will give them a great sense of belonging!

Wall desk.

Space-saving ideas are the trends of the moment.

Although children's belongings are not usually huge, many parents want their children's bedrooms to have multiple areas: to play, to do homework, and so on.

A simple wall-mounted desk can make your lives easier. Your kid can do arts and crafts projects or some of their chores there.

And the best part is that you won't have to occupy that precious space on the floor.

Secret hiding.

All children love to play and hide! And yours won't be the exception.

For that reason, another great idea for your room décor is to build a secret den.

You can do this by creating a passageway to an extra room cut out and framed into the attic above your child's bedroom.

Then put a ladder and voila!

Some themes that you can use to decorate your children's room.

In addition to ideas for organization, furniture, and setups, you can also think of themes and motifs for children's rooms. Here are some options.

  • Black, white, and wood: Many people believe that a black and white bedroom is boring, but the reality is entirely different. Rooms with this style can be very relaxing and fun, especially when you add sporting elements like a soccer ball.

  • Toys: Toys can also be part of the decoration. Some parents put shelves over their children's beds and place a collection of toys. They also add patterned fabrics to give a fun touch to the room.

  • Trip to the zoo: Children love animals. For that reason, decorations that include some stuffed animals or animal prints can become the best choice for the little ones' rooms.

  • The Old West: Many children also love everything that has to do with cowboys and the old west. If you think your children might like this idea, you just have to start finding some elements that allow you to give that Texan touch to the room. You can use themed wallpaper, hats to decorate, and patterned lamps.

Final thoughts.

Remember that your children will spend a lot of time in their rooms. They are their safe spaces, where they will grow and feel comfortable every time they need it.

For that reason, you must find the perfect decoration and setup idea for them.

You can ask your children to participate in the process and choose together the theme that best suits their needs and preferences. They will love it! And the result would be better for them.

Besides, you can consider some modern trends, such as recycling and minimalism, as well as choosing flat styles so that your children can still feel comfortable even when they become teenagers - this way, you won't have to update the spaces very often, and you can save a lot.