Being Creative with Fruits

Eating fruits and vegetables does not have to be boring. The kitchen is one of the spaces that allow the greatest development of creativity, don't you think? And you can take advantage of this fact to start eating healthy and beneficial for your body. We know that healthy food does not always look appetizing. Also, getting kids to eat their proper serving of natural foods is a bit complicated. That is why, today, we decided to bring a series of tips and recommendations for you to transform your dishes.

Do you want to put your creativity with fruits into practice? Pay attention to the following information! Here you will find everything you need to give a touch of originality to your eating habits. Do not miss this opportunity that can be very beneficial for both you and the little ones of the house.

Creative techniques for cooking with fruits and vegetables.

Art is not only that related to the most famous paintings and sculptures. You can also create artistic works in the kitchen, especially with the beautiful fruits that plants and Mother Nature provide us. To do this, you just have to take advantage of your most original ideas and take them to your favorite fruit dishes.

As for the techniques, it is ideal that you find one that completely suits you. All people are different, so you should know which ones you can handle better. Among the most common are those such as carving, cutting, slicing, grating, and even painting. Besides, you can use other tools and practices to make the final result even more fun -such as dishes of various shapes, themed bowls, among others.

You can also see this initiative as a possibility to be with your family. You can invite your children and other family members to participate in the process of preparing, assembling, and decorating the dishes. Thus, you will work together and even be able to share ideas.

With fruits, you can recreate the most beautiful animals you know, or you can also try making a flower or plant that you like. The options are endless! You just have to let your imagination run wild to get splendid, fun, and vitamin-rich creations. It’s great! Don’t you think?

Ideas to take advantage of your creativity with fruits.

  1. Strawberry rose:

This is one of the simplest and most popular creative fruit preparations. You just need a good number of large strawberries and a sharp knife. Once you have everything, you have to start carving each petal from the thickest part of the fruit. Be careful! You do not have to cut too much.

Tip: Leave the stem and leaves of the strawberry to give it a more realistic appearance. You can also prepare several roses and make a fully edible bouquet!

  1. Pineapple hedgehog:

If you or your children love animals, then this is the ideal preparation for you! You can create a beautiful pineapple hedgehog with few ingredients and tools. And is it easier than you think! To do this, you should only have a pineapple the size of your preference, some green fruit that you can cut into various shapes, and a sharp knife.

First, you must peel the bottom of the pineapple -remember to keep the top as this will represent the thorns. Then, you must cut the already peeled part making its legs and head. Then, you must finish the figure of the hedgehog with the green fruit that you chose.

Tip: You can use pineapple leaves instead of other fruit to make its tail and front spines.Tip: Puedes usar las hojas de la piña en lugar de otra fruta para hacer su cola y espinas frontales.

  1. Frog bus:

This is one of the funniest ideas you can do. It consists of a bus full of frogs that you can make with fruits or vegetables. Can you imagine it? It could be very helpful to make children eat what they don't like that much as they will be delighted by its appearance!

To prepare it, you need peppers, carrots, chopsticks, and a cucumber. The first thing you should do is cutting the peppers (making frogs) and place some black seed to simulate their eyes. Next, you need to cut the carrot into circles and place them on the cucumber to represent the wheels and the steering wheel. Finally, it only remains to place the frogs on the edible bus. It would be amazing, right?

Tip: You can also use any other fruit instead of vegetables. You just have to find ingredients that may work to create a bus and some cute frogs.

  1. Banana dolphin:

You won't see another fruit dish as beautiful as this one! Dolphins are the favorite animals of many, and there is nothing better than being able to recreate them through one of the preferred fruits for children and adults: bananas. Just as you read! You can cut a banana and transform it into a dolphin in just minutes. Also, you only need bananas, small black seeds, a knife, and something you can use to paint.

Its preparation is very simple. You should start by cutting two fins on the bottom of each banana. Then, you have to open its shell a little at one end to make the tail and to place a seed to simulate its eyes at the other. Finally, draw the characteristic dolphin smile!

Tip: You can use vegetable coloring or some candy to paint the details.

  1. Basket of watermelon drops:

When summer comes, we always look for a way to cool off, right? And one of the best ways to do this is through fruits with high water content such as watermelon. For that reason, as an alternative to hot days, we bring you this juicy basket of watermelon drops.

To create it, you need a medium or large watermelon, a knife, and a watermelon-balls cutter. The steps are very simple and are divided in this way: cut the top of the watermelon carefully and leaving the portion that will simulate the basket handle, make balls with the watermelon filling, place them in the center and decorate. It's that easy!

Tip: You can put pieces of lemon, mint leaves, or other fruits such as grapes or cherries to give it more flavor.

Do you see how simple it is to eat in a healthy and fun way? Moreover, you only need a few ingredients to prepare these amazing recipes. Take advantage of your creativity with fruits and transform your favorite dishes with innovative presentations!