Bachelor Party

Finally, your big day is around the corner. And it is high time you had thrown the bachelor’s party to your closest pals. The bachelor’s party was originated to celebrate the bride’s health. Like everything else, the bachelor’s party too has evolved.

Except for the attendees, though.

The attendees will be the pals who associated you in your single life. But remember not to include the troublemakers. The attendees should include the closest friends.

The list of attendees sorted. Now, what about the venue? There is no hard and fast rule about a particular venue for bachelor parties. As long as you and your close buddies can enjoy the evening, the venue is almost irrelevant.

Then what about food? It is the main thing. There is no merrymaking at all without any food at a function. Now, the food includes everything from appetizer to booze to dessert served in mini cups. Appetizer is usually served before the main meal. Let your friends enjoy your final hours as a single guy with an either appetizer bowl or an appetizer cup. For a change, you can let them try several drinks in clear plastic mini cups or just mini cups.

Usually the most enjoyable part of the feast comes twice: before and after. Before it is appetizer and after it is dessert. Instead of having one round of dessert, go for several rounds. Your company will cherish it.

The main responsibility of the bachelor’s party usually falls on the best man. If you are a best man, you should make sure to organise the function in a memorable way. Then again, there are certain things that need ticked off too.

Most importantly, you should see to it that the attendees would not drive home after having liquor. The best bet, though a bit expensive, is to have one vehicle to drop them off at their homes. Or simply check whether they have alternative transport other than driving on their own.

Keep an eye on the groom. As his best man, you have a huge responsibility to keep him in check. There could be people, even among the closest pals, who would jump at a chance to embarrass the groom. Bachelor’s party is meant for fun, but not too much of them for sure. Sometimes they would try to provoke the groom into unnecessary things and then blackmail. This will take a huge toll on his mood especially with his big day around the corner.

That said, you should also try to give him a surprise – a nice, decent, one at that. Make this one of the most memorable days of his life, by giving him a memorable surprise. It will perhaps boost his mood, and make things comfier to face the big day.

The most important thing is the camera. You should never forget that equipment. But it is better if you can assign someone else for photographing. You cannot focus on photographing and organising the function at the same time. If you cannot find someone from among his pals, then hire a professional photographer.