All You Need To Know About Choosing A Wedding Cake

It is your big day and you have worked hard enough to ensure the party goes perfect. Right from your engagement until now, you have seen into everything significant and personally supervised each detail to make your wedding party a great success. Among the many requirements is the wedding cake! Yes, the sweet and delicious looking gorgeous cake!!  A wedding cake is an integral part of any wedding celebration since it signifies and truly represents your attitude, personality and taste. If you’ve taken out enough time to research and choose the best cake that aligns with your thoughts, lifestyle and contemporary fashion, well, you deserve appreciation. However, if you have the least idea about the same, this article is for you.

The process of choosing a wedding cake should start at least 3 months prior to your wedding. Talk to your friends and close relatives for suggestions and baker recommendations.

Here are the steps you can follow to get the best wedding cake:

Visualize your cake

It is time to have a dialogue with your fiancée. Discuss with him/her the guest list and try to come up with a precise number. You shouldn’t experience shortage or wastage of cake. Order with your baker in accordance with your guest number so that all technicalities are perfect and in place. Check out the flavors; you can find a great range to choose from. Order the one that syncs with your wedding ideas and await to cut the same on your special day.

Your wedding cake is as important as your wedding outfit and wedding décor. Most importantly, it should match with your ideas and make a striking impact on the party.

Set your budget

Once you are done with analyzing the guest numbers, set aside a budget for your wedding cake. If you are planning a small intimate wedding with your close family members, a small cake would do. However, if you want to celebrate with a whole lot of well-wishers and friends, then you need to go for a huge customized cake. A customized solution will cost you more but we suggest not to make too many compromises. Your wedding should be celebrated in style to be remembered for life.

To add to the elegance of the party, you can search for attractive yet cost-effective square disposable plates  to serve the cake. We at Oasis Creations offer pretty plates that come in a sleek yet robust design. They are reasonably priced, adorable and can be great for your wedding cake.

Align with the wedding theme

It is not only about the cake design and flavor. You must make sure that the cake you choose gets along with the wedding theme. The decoration, the venue, your outfit, the backdrop- you need to consider every minute thing related to your wedding. A wedding cake is a huge attraction; you cannot afford to make a mistake here. Once you are confident about your choice, you can gear up to place it on the table on your special day. You will make heads turn and invite gazes if your choice is right.

You can choose chocolate flavored cake with lots of nuts and cream if you are planning a stylish grand wedding or go for a vanilla and strawberry mix flavor if you are celebrating a simple wedding. These flavors are traditional yet most common and popular.

The appeal

Don’t you want an interesting wedding cake? You certainly desire for that!

Are you looking for a creative cake base or a traditional two-tier one? We suggest you to go for a new kind to bring in an innovative feel to your party. You can also use flowers, cake toppers, colors, rings and just whatever unique comes to your mind to make it a truly outstanding and creative one. Flavor can align with your taste but it is better to choose the most popular one so that it is enjoyed by the majority of your guests.

Try samples

Once you have decided on a baker, go through his flavor list and check out some samples to gauge his quality standard. Take some time out, research with your spouse on the different designs and cake flavors to ultimately choose the best.

Another point worth mentioning here is, check out the weather forecasted for the day. If you are cutting the cake with whipped cream on a sunny afternoon, it might just go down; in other words, it might melt, leaving your dreams shattered. So, ensure to keep the weather in mind while choosing your wedding cake.

You should talk to your baker about the quantity you require and the decoration for the cake. Reputed bakers will have pictures of their cakes along with themes and designs. You can also try looking for innovative designs online and suggest the same to your baker. An expert baker can certainly customize to bring alive your dream cake for your special day. Provide your contact details and the correct venue address to receive your delivery on time.

Serve your wedding cake in style

We, Oasis Creations, offer large, easy to hold square plastic plates that can be used for wedding parties and other events. So, even if some of your friends fail to turn up at your wedding, you can use these plates for picnics, reunions or birthday parties. They are durable and can be used to serve any dessert or dish.

Choosing the right wedding cake is a challenge. The sugary delight demands your time and attention well before your wedding since it is the center of attraction in your reception hall. If you are a unique personality that wants an artistic yet perfect cake made for your wedding, follow our tips mentioned above. To make your party flawless, buy clear disposable plates dessert as well; they add value to the classiness of your wedding as well keep the place mess-free since they prevent spillage and reduce wastage to a great extent.