Activities to do with Your Kids over the Holiday Season

7 things to do with your kids over the Holiday Season

Almost everyone looks forward to the holidays as a time to unwind and bond with family and friends. It's a time kids get the opportunity to spend quality time with their parents and siblings. But the holidays can be long and dreary if you do not have any fun activities planned out for your kids and you.

Choosing the best activities which you and your kids can engage in may be a little tricky. Imagine suggesting a game that you believe will be fun but the kids think it's the most boring thing in the world. This could be really frustrating.

You don't have to beat yourself over though. There are lots of activities you and your kids could enjoy. You don't have to be rigid about it. You can even ask the kids to make their own suggestions.

To help your planning, here are several activities that can spice up the holidays for you and the kids.

Make Desserts Together

Really, mini desserts will be a delight for your kids. And they will be more than ready to join you in making the desserts. Just choose a recipe that is child-friendly.

There are many options to choose from — banana caramel cream, peanut butter brownie trifle, layered cherry cheese pie, mini raspberry cheesecake.

Mini raspberry cheesecake is one refreshing no-bake dessert you can make with your kids. You'll have to briefly boil the ingredients for the raspberry filling on the stovetop. You'll have to make the raspberry filling and cheesecake a day ahead.

When you are ready, fill out your mini dessert cups with the raspberry filling and mixture of cheesecake. Top each cup with whipped cream and raspberries the way you like them.

Have fun filling the mini dessert cups with your kids!

Make some Gingerbread Houses

Your kids will enjoy the art of making their own gingerbread house. Consider not buying them from the supermarket, instead turn it into a fun activity for you and your kids.

Materials you'll need: butter, dark brown sugar, dark corn syrup, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, baking soda, all-purpose flour, water, gumdrops, peppermint, licorice, Royal icing.

The preparation and cooking process will take at least an hour and a half. You want to make some allowance of time for the kids' excesses. So relax and enjoy the process with them.

Turn your Front Door into a Present

Okay, don't take this literally. The idea here is to make your front door look like a present. Or you can choose the door of your child's room.

Be careful here. If you have more than one child and they all have different rooms then your front door will be a better option. Except you want to wrap up everyone's door.

This is a pretty inexpensive activity. You can be as creative as possible. You and the kids should talk about how you want the door(s) to look at the end of the decoration. This will make them feel involved in the project.

What materials do you need?

Wrapping papers (you can get them from the dollar store), and ribbons (or bows or both).

Watch a Movie Together

Movies help you relax, unwind, think, and even bond with family and friends. Watching a movie can have a therapeutic effect, especially when you purposefully choose the movie.

The movie you choose must be something that every member of the family will benefit from. You can make a collection of the latest movies or some all-time favorites and take a poll to decide which movie to see.


You can also choose to see the movie at home or at the cinema. If you choose to stay at home, then spice up the place. Pull down the blinds to get a dark, cozy room. Also, get some snacks.

Really you can choose anything to snack on. Almost everyone goes with popcorn but you can consider including walnuts, chocolate, pistachios, or even eggs.

Go Caroling at a Nursing Home or Hospital

There are a lot of lonely people in hospitals and nursing homes who will give anything to hear a soothing voice cheer them up with some songs. Plus a caroling party is a fun and refreshing event.

Consider which home you want to visit. You can make inquiries about the home or hospital and the patients especially if you plan to take some food or present along. Actually, you should take some food or presents (or both) with you to the carol.

Make a list of songs with your children. Let them write out the songs that they know (if they can) and would like to sing at the carol. Rehearse the songs together before going for the carol. If it's necessary, make a copy of the songs for everyone at home.

Almost every home or hospital will be glad to host you for a caroling party.

Enjoy a Dinner Night Together

Yeah, you eat dinner with your family every night but you can plan a special dinner with your kids. On this night, do something amazing and different that you all will enjoy.

You've probably bought some special clothes for the holiday. Beef up the night by wearing costumes. Even though it's a family gathering, dressing especially for the night will surely lighten up the room.

Select some games for the evening. You can delegate this duty to your kids if they are old enough, or work with them to select the best games.

Prepare the dishes and clean-up together. Share the responsibilities among yourselves and create some fun environment with singing or storytelling.

Attend a Living Nativity

Many churches that host living nativity plays keep the cost of entrance free or very low. You can check for churches hosting the living nativity in your locality and the dates slated for play.

A living nativity usually focuses on explaining the reason for the birth of Jesus. It usually begins with the story of creation and the fall of man through the promise and the birth of the savior. For some churches, the play culminates in the declaration of Jesus' second coming.

The living nativity may interest you more if you subscribe to the religion. However, everyone's welcome to watch it.

Enjoy your holidays and make sure to take a look at Oasis Creation’s mini plastic dessert cups selection for your baking!