Activities for Summer Fun & Social Distancing

The most awaited moment for all arrived: and it is summer. Throughout the year, we look forward to the beach and hot season to be able to go for a walk, sunbathe and have a lot of fun. However, in 2020 everything will be very different.

Since the WHO decreed COVID-19 as a pandemic, the governments of a large percentage of countries have decided to implement measures to prevent spreading the virus. Among these actions are quarantine and social distancing.

This has generated that many people feel unmotivated. Most of us awaited the arrival of summer vacation to go out, do outdoor activities, and meet friends and family, among many other things. But now we cannot do it.

However, things aren't that bad. Today we bring you a list of activities you can do during quarantine. Read carefully the information below and discover all you can do while being at home. We are sure that you will enjoy each one of them, and you will also live incredible moments.

  1. Travel from home.

One of the favorite activities of all people is traveling. It is not necessary to be in summer to want to do it since we can take a flight at any time of the year. But is it possible to travel without leaving home? Fortunately, yes, it is! Advances in technology and the Internet give us the chance to do almost anything.

When we travel, one of our goals is to get to know different places. And this is something you can do virtually! Also, it is simpler than it seems. To do this, you only need to have an electronic device and an Internet connection.

Currently, there are plenty of websites that you can use to enjoy virtual 360-degree tours of the most famous museums and cities in the world. You can also search for videos that make tours of different countries or even find a virtual helicopter trip that someone has recorded. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Test the chef you have inside of you.

Another thing we really enjoy doing during the summer is eating. We do it when we travel, when we go to the beach, when we go for a walk with our friends or when we visit theme parks. We always want to eat something delicious!

In summer, we also want to do it but, given the heat that characterizes this season, we prefer light and refreshing dishes. So you can take advantage of your creativity and prepare ice cream-based dishes, some popsicles, create your own drinks, and so on.

Besides, you can also prepare recipesfrom other countries. Thus, you can enjoy its gastronomy without having to leave home. Search online for preparations, get out your old recipe book, and get to work! You will have a lot of fun in the kitchen while knowing about other cultures.

  1. Camping at home.

When summer comes, children and adults look forward to the best time to go camping. Going camping is a unique experience that everyone would like to live at least once. And best of all, you can do it at home. Set up your tent in the living room, playroom, or garden. You can do it with other members of your family, so you can eat marshmallows, tell horror stories and sing camp songs together.

And if you don't have a tent, don't worry! You can get creative and build one with recyclable materials such as sheets, old chairs, cardboard boxes, among others. Nothing should be an impediment for you to have a pleasant time in the best adventurer style!

  1. Have a theme party.

In summer, there are also plenty of parties, and you can have one without even leaving your house. Keep in mind that this is an activity to do as a family, since we must avoid crowds. Therefore, you can do it with the rest of the people who live with you, respecting the hygiene rules.

Select a theme and have your party accordingly. An example might be an 80s-style party. You can dress up in vintage clothing, play a Madonna and Michael Jackson song playlist, or also play board games. You will have an incredible time!

  1. Don't forget the water.

It is not summer if there is no water everywhere! When the hot season comes, people usually go to the pool or the beach. However, this is impossible at this time since we cannot leave home. Do you think this is a problem? Well, we want to tell you that it is not!

It is possible to do water activities while being at home, and here we explain how. If you want to be in a pool, you can buy an inflatable one that you can assemble and fill with water at home. This will allow you to take a dip without running any risk! Besides, there are also water games that you can play at home like water balloon baseball, dunk bucket challenge, and more!

More summer activities to do at home during stay at home order:

- Take photos: This is one of the most fun activities you can do. Build your own home studio and showcase your talent with the camera!

- Watch movies: Movie marathons cannot be missed whether it's summer or any other season!

- Do exercises: Staying active is essential to be healthy during quarantine. Take advantage of the good summer weather to do physical activity or to play a sport.

Do you see how easy it is to enjoy summer at home? Remember that, now, it is important to abide by the preventive measures in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Thus, you can stay completely healthy to wait for the summer of the following year and do everything you could not do in 2020.

Be responsible when carrying out these activities. The pandemic will pass and the sun will come out brighter than ever so that we can delight in it without problems!