A perfect dining experience for your special day

Weddings, festivities and other special occasions call for celebrations and treats. You spend hours and energy finalizing every small detail and the food, especially calls for extra attention.

No compromises over quality.

This Hexagonal Mini Bowl is made with the highest quality of raw materials and is tested for durability and high performance. It is graded for food safety and is perfectly usable for all ages.

No more choosing between comfort and aesthetics.

With its simple but stunning Hexagonal design, this dinner set allows you to choose looks as well as ease. As it is disposable, there are no issues over cleaning and washing of the bowls. Enjoy your party with any tension over post-party cleaning or worries over breakage.

Easy Handling means more safety.

These plastic bowls might look expensive and delicate. But unlike your typical metal or glass dinner sets, these are made of plastic and are very lightweight. No more worrying about storage or transport. You can easily handle them yourselves and dispose of them after use.

We give you a risk-free offer.

This set is a guaranteed fit for all your occasions and we offer you a 30 day return or refund policy if you aren’t satisfied. Customer-satisfaction is a priority for us.

Easier and more affordable.

This clear plastic bowls set is simple but sophisticated design to add to the elegance and charm of your wedding or festive décor.

Best ice cream cups for your party

Clear hexagonal mini bowls are the best kind of plate to serve the last sweet dish on.

Dessert of any kind goes well in these bowls. Hexagonal mini bowls with lids and spoon included are a must have for any kind of party that requires a disposable conveniently priced bowl to serve the dessert on. They come with a capacity of 3.3oz and there are 40 of these bowls in a pack.

These clear plastic dessert bowls are the best kind of dessert bowls for serving ice creams for the reasons listed below:


  1. Shape and size


These hexagonal mini bowls are of the best shape for serving ice creams. They look beautiful and because they come with lid and spoon, they are the best for serving any delicacy that requires those. They hold 3.3oz which is perfect for this purpose as well.


  1. Quality of material


Quality of material is a must-check before buying any kind of cups and dishes. These hexagonal mini cups come with extremely durable and quality plastic. This quality of material assures you of longevity and of hygiene as well.


  1. Disposability is a quality that glass cups lack. These hard plastic cups, however, are disposable. These small disposable bowls can be used once and then be disposed of without further use.


  1. Looks are also important when it comes to serving delicacies in parties. These clear plastic dessert bowls have a simple yet elegant look to them which when filled with delicacies looks extremely appealing to the eye. If you are looking for a product which will leave your guests praising you for your sense of aesthetics, this is undoubtedly the one you should be choosing.


  1. Satisfaction is guaranteed if you choose these trifle bowls to serve delicacies in your event. In case it fails to meet your expectations, you will get your money back.

Choose the best bowls for your party needs


Bowls are a necessity when it comes to parties. The hosts need to arrange for disposable cups and plates in which the dishes can be served. Serving in glassware might prove to be costly as they are more prone to breakage and are very costly. These clear bowls, on the other hand, are perfect for your party needs. These are disposable plastic bowls that can be thrown away after single use. These bowls are made of hard plastic which assures that they will not sag or cringe during use. They are perfect for you if you are arranging a party with a large number of people. These bowls come in 40 pieces a pack thus can serve 50 people if you buy one pack. 


  1. Quality


These plastic bowls are made of hard, high-quality plastic. These bowls thus can be used for a long period of time without growing weary or unusable. The hard plastic in these bowls makes sure that the bowls do not sag during use or do not tear easily. They are made to be eco-friendly thus do not pose a threat to the environment.


  1. Capacity


These bowls should make it perfect for serving any delicacy at the end of the meal in an event. These dessert bowls, however, are best if only dessert and small meals are served using them.


  1. Looks


These clear plastic bowls, even if they come for a convenient price, do not look cheap. They are aesthetically rich and thus are a prize to look at. These elegant plastic wedding bowls are sure to add a charm to the event, should you choose them.


  1. Durability


These plastic bowls are made of extremely durable material which makes it sustain for a long time.


  1. Your satisfaction is guaranteed


These Hexagonal Mini Bowl are sure to bring you satisfaction and provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Should you not be satisfied, the company guarantees to return your money completely.