5 Ways to Keep Your Garage Tidy

Time to declutter and keep things organized in your garage. Here's how!

Just like most homeowners, your garage is probably your junk room. It is the place where you randomly store your camping equipment, old clothes, tools and equipment, and a lot of random things that do not fit elsewhere in your home. As tempting it might be to simply hive up all the junk in your garage and forget about them, it is still important to keep it tidy on a regular basis.

Sounds a very tough job? We make it simple for you! Read on to learn more!

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How to Keep Your Garage Fully Organized and Tidy

Show your garage some love with the following five simple ways to keep it tidy all the time.

  1. Remove Unused Stuff

Before anything else, sort out your goods. What do you want to keep, and what do you like to throw out, donate or sell? It makes sense to clear out the whole garage area in order to see the items you've collected. Also, this will help you declutter and clean. Aside from deciding which items to keep and remove, this will also allow you to see what space you should work with and what forms of storage could ideally work for organizing your stuff.

What are the things you can keep? These include those items you have used more than once within the previous years, tools you cannot simply borrow or rent, and things that are still in tip-top shape. As have mentioned, those you opt to ditch permanently can be donated, sold, or pitch. Donate books, old clothes, equipment, or tools to a chosen charity. If you want to make extra money out of your unused or old belongings, there are good places to start online, including Freecycle and Craigslist.

  1. Make Storage

Now that you have classified the items you want and need, it is time to build storage for them. Throwing things haphazardly in boxes may be a better idea, not unless you dig through the container days or weeks later. Imagine having to put out all the goods contained in boxes just to find a certain item. Such a waste of time and effort!

Select a storage system that lets you determine store goods or item categories in an easy and quick manner. For instance, keep sports balls in bungee cords and stud storage. This is specifically ideal for anyone with children who love keeping ball collections. Otherwise, adjoin sliding storage bins onto your ceiling. Here, you can store seasonal stuff and anything else you usually don't have to access every day or weekly. A good toolbox is also an ideal investment if you have lots of tools.

  1. Use Shelving Units or Cabinets and Wall Hooks

Maintain a tidy garage and maximize its storage space at the same time with cheap and simple shelving cabinets or units and hooks. Cabinets are mostly ideal for smaller garages. It offers several advantages, like saving floor space when you move around and/or park your car and minimizing the risk of your items being damaged by water.

On the other hand, hooks are cost-efficient, versatile, and could be installed almost anywhere in the garage. Use large hooks to mount the bike, ladder, and other larger items, while a binder clip that is hanging on a hook is good for hanging rags, gloves, etc. Prevent snow, mud, or rain from being trailed in your property by hanging outdoor coats. Trowels, scissors, sunglasses, goggles, and car keys are other items you can hang using hooks mounted on your garage wall.

  1. Label. Label.

Imagine a scenario where you quickly need to get a particular object in your garage, and unfortunately, your mind is shutdown on where exactly you kept that thing. This is where labeling comes highly crucial. It may be simple but could make a huge difference in how fast you can be able to find stuff before your patience gets empty. Label your cupboards, boxes, shelves, hooks, drawers, and bins to make the best use of your garage space.

Other than making things pleasant to the eyes, this will also guarantee that that stuff will be returned in their accurate place. For instance, label a shelf as "holidays." Then, each container could be labeled with their separate seasonal festivities, like "Christmas," " Easter," and "New Year's." Somewhat a tedious task, yes, but it is worthy. Now, you don't need to rummage boxes to boxes and be messy afterward.

  1. Hang a Paper Towel Dispenser

A paper towel dispenser is not only an imperative element in any office bathroom or sanitary kitchen. You can also use it every time you clean your garage. There are two options available - the surface mounted and the countertop. The former could be the best fit, especially if there is not much room in your garage.

On the other hand, the countertop paper towel dispenser complements well with more spacious garages. Both types of dispensers a fair share of benefits and drawbacks. You have several options when it comes to paper towels, too. These include folded paper towels, standards rolls, perforated rolls, and center pull rolls. Mounting paper towel dispensers are just plain simple.

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There you have it - our five efficient ways to keep your garage clean and organized on a regular basis. You don't have to spend too many dollars just to achieve a gorgeously-looking garage according to your preference. 

Garages are a blessing and a curse. A blessing because they offer storage options and extra space to keep old or new items for further use, and a curse because you need to make sure it is always clean and organized for easy access once you need certain items (a difficult task especially for those with hectic schedules).

But with these helpful methods in mind, you will likely feel great looking at your new space. You now have the free time because you no longer need to spend hours just to look for certain items in your garage!