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A good dessert after your meal works like a perfect match for a complete meal. Serving desserts in an ordinary cup makes it look like an ordinary one but using a good dessert cup adds to its beauty. There are various mini dessert cupsavailable in the market, but the 4 oz ones are the most apt for serving your desserts. The use of plastic has found and extension to serve you good desserts in these easily available, strong and cheap 4 oz dessert cups. Here are more reasons to choose these mini dessert cups to enjoy your desserts in right way.

Excellent Quality:

The priority of any container is to stand on the quality of strength. These cute cups are perfectly made from crystal-clear high-quality plastic. The hardness of the plastic makes it more durable and heavyweight, giving it more strength in terms of quality. Also, the plastic used in making these cups is very hygienic which has been tested under various environmental conditions. This prevents the cups from giving a bad odour after being stored for many days. So, storing your favourite dessert is not a problem that would result in bad odour. The cups are expertly moulded to fit in your hands, giving you comfort to hold it and equally pleasing your eyes when you see it.

Talking about excellent quality includes being washable, reusable, and disposable. The materials used to make these cups are recyclable. So, you don’t have to worry much about the environment as you are indirectly contributing there as well.

Value for Money:

When you buy these 4 oz Dessert cup, you get the worth of your money. Each pack contains 50 elegantly made cups which weighs 0.4 oz each. The cups have an ideal dimension of 1.9” x 1.9” x 2.7” which lets you enjoy your favourite cup of serving comfortably without spilling anything. Each cup will exhibit you favourite bites, chocolate mousses, layered desserts, shortcakes and tiramisu creations stylishly.

The tall square shape of the cup makes it look elegant along with the cuteness it carries. This enables the cup to hold more than you expect and make your tummy fuller than your dreamt of. The shape is specially designed to enhance your party experience making it look special and different than the others. These are the perfect example of serving you a value for money product.

Perfect for any celebration:

Carrying the elegance, these delightful cups will add vibrance to your Weddings, Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year celebration, Banquets, Holidays, Buffet, Christmas and even in everyday use. These cups give a stylish feel to all your major and minor life events. Be it a small get together or a big party, the quantity of these cups will be there to serve all your guests with the sweetness of desserts.

Not limited to desserts:

Due to its size and strength, it can be said that the use of these cups increases extensively. No doubt that these cups can make your dessert look delicious, but they can also be used to serve anything other than the desserts. They can also be used for appetizers, entrees, ice cream, fruits, puddings, mousse, sorbet, tiramisu, cocktails, cakes and many more.

The transparent crystal-clear view of cups makes it even more appealing to taste your delicacy placed inside it. This further makes the layered servings look mouth-watering, as you very well know that you taste first with your eyes.

100% Money-back guarantee:

While these dessert cups are made fine enough to have any complaints, but still if you are not satisfied with this, you have access to 100 % refund on your product. Customer satisfaction being the foremost priority, no customer is left unhappy after buying the set of these plastic cups. If you are unhappy with your order and the product quality, you can simply return them and get your money back.

Why choose these plastic cups?

Plastic cups are no longer limited to simple and plain forms but they come in different designs, colours and sizes, even personalized. Apart from various attractive designs, these plastic cups go with a top cover to avoid coffee or a y other beverage from spilling. With big occasions such as birthday parties, picnics, outings and even with wedding celebrations, plastic cup is the ultimate choice. This can save a lot of time and effort.

The use of these plastic cups is not just for young generations but for young and old both. They are most convenient to older people as they are easy and light to hold. Plastic cups serve as a lifesaver as they are light and convenient to carry, and its strength makes it even more desirable. Considering the extensive use of cups everywhere, most utensils have already been replaced by plastic products.

Perfect material for your kitchenware

Available in minimum set of 50 cups, Oasis creations have some really amazing sets that you must include in your kitchenware. When the material used is hard plastic, you have options to clean the glass after a use and use it again next time. This also serves as a good material that is durable enough to last longer, while there is absolutely no chance of breaking it like an ordinary glassware. Because of its convenience and simplicity, it is one of the most important product one can rely on.

The best thing about these cups are they are easily available at oasis creation with the best price to offer. You can totally rely on these cups to take care of your dessert section time and again. Make sure you have your stock of cups as the festival season ahead gives you more reasons to use them than not having them at your house at all.